Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is… Publication

A publication documenting a month of experimental journey and practice


This publication has been produced by me in collaboration with Dafne Louzioti (Gr/UK), Taja Topolovec (Si) and Una (Si/Hr)

Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is… is a legacy publication after the exhibition and an experimental project with the same title. This creatively designed publication is reflecting the topic of journeying and art practising and the experimental project at large. Creatively designed this publication is a visual and written document as well as a guide book of events, formats and actions experimented during the month long presentation in Match Gallery, MGML in Ljubljana Slovenia in 2018.

The publication includes: (1) a wrapping cover with project’s information, limited edition number, original stamp and the documentation of the drawing in space over time; (2) a booklet titled Meditations on Journey includes contextual writing on topics of journey, process, mundanity, slowing down and temporality; (3) an archive of projects I have been experimenting over 7 years many of them with this project’s authors; (4) a Walk&Talk Manual; and (5) 11 postcards with instruction manual of 11 events experimented over the course of a month.

The publication is available for €18 plus shipping and handling. There is a small number of copies left.

For the project please see Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is…

Concept, design and production: Metod (Si)
Edited by: Taja Topolovec (Si)
Contributions by: Metod (Si), Dafne Louzioti (Gr/UK), Taja Topolovec (Si) and Una (Si/Hr)
Published by: MGML, Slovenia. 7. 12. 2018
With many thanks to: Blaž, Bojan, Dafne, Edvard, Jani, Janja, Julija, Marija B., Marija S., Mateja, Matevž, Scott, Saša, Taja, Tomaž and Una


CIP – Kataložni zapis o publikaciji Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, Ljubljana 77.04(497.4):929Blejec M.

        POTOVANJE je praksa, je potovanje, je — = Journey is practice, is journey, is — / Metod … [et al.] ; [fotografije in risbe Metod, Una ; prevod Metod]. – Ljubljana : Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane = Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, 2018

ISBN 978-961-94350-4-5 1. Vzp. stv. nasl. 2. Blejec, Metod



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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