Many Folds of a Woman

An artist, capoeirista, educator and academic


As sharp as a blade in thinking, shapeshifting in lifestyle and beyond comprehension to most (art) educated individuals in approach to art practice, “D” is anything but—ordinary. While retreating in her spiritual place of regeneration—Greece—this portrait is an attempt to document a woman—an artist, capoeirista, educator and academic—with her many folds, facets and bends. Knowing Dafne for many years now I can never anticipate when I will be subjected to a surprise kick from the unexpected direction. Somewhat floundered, this portrait study attempts to peek under the surface of Dafne who, with underlying conditions and attitudes, bewilder even the most learned—and of course me.

Many Folds of a Woman: Screaming
Screaming / Inaudible in the common spaces of life, Dafne is, in fact, very loud in her own space with an occasional participant who is let in the screaming chamber. Athens, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Posturing
Posturing / While one is subjected to her tour de force, Dafne’s posturing bravado has no measure or comparison. Athens, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Grating
Grating / Ingredients are being first obliterated in the simmering tastes of the amazing Greek food and second in the stomach of a delighted recipient. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Controlling
Controlling / An escape back into the 1980s, her childhood summer place is one pillar in her spiritual regeneration strategy. However, this pillar had since fallen victim to differences of opinion and is no longer accessible to her. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Falling
Falling / If you have to fall, do it in style … could one derive from in-depth conversations with Dafne. But falling into the warmth of the Aegean sea presents no comparison to any other failure. This one, obviously, is craved. Paros, 2015

Surfacing / Every dive under is followed by a compulsory surfacing both in the sea and life. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Drumming
Drumming / No drums, no problem—air drumming at the end of a pier is all that imagination needs for her daily practice. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Texting
Texting / The intimate conversations, with those fence-sitting, is taken on- and offline, and often times long into the night, but rarely results in fruition. And this is frustrating. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Mending
Mending / A mundane task of mending a shirt is taken with the same focus, precision and dedication as anything else close to Dafne’s heart. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Sorting
Sorting / Once you’ve taken everything out, rearranged and rearranged again, there is a point that everything will have to get back in somehow as well. Athens, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Meeting
Meeting / As the evening approaches a meeting had been scheduled. As a friend and a documentarian I am allowed only thus far. Paros, 2015

Many Folds of a Woman: Bending
Bending / The simple notion of bending takes on a new meaning when it is met with two decades of capoeira, dance and theater training. Paros, 2015



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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