Personal Visual ID

A visual communication basics class for university art students

Since 2015

Personal Visual ID is a graphic design workshop specifically designed for art students who’s major are all other subjects but visual communication. It is encouraging art students to think holistically about their creative practices also from the business perspective. The workshop includes developing personal visual identity, name cards, portfolio designs, entry titles (video), photography watermarks, etc.

Workshop premise:

  1. Learning basic theory in types of visual communication
  2. Learning basic theory about graphic design: logo / logotype / mark, icon / symbol, identity, brand, stationery, promotion material, book design, advertising, poster, web design, UI, infographic / data visualisation, etc.
  3. Learning basic theory on graphic design elements
  4. Learning basic theory on graphic design principles
  5. Learning basic theory on graphic design particulars, such as: vector vs raster, units and measures, formats, grid and framing, layers and transparency, typography, colours, saving and exporting
  6. Designing personal visual ID—logo / logotype / mark
  7. Designing personal visual ID stationery—name card
  8. Designing a chosen project, such as: portfolio, title credits, motion graphics, stamp, watermark, website, etc.

Workshopped at: School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, Gorizia, Italy. 2015, 2016; Ravensbourne, University of Greenwich, London, UK / 2015



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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