A peripatetic participatory format


Designed in collaboration with Scott Schwager (US/UK). This project has been designed and distributed as part of the Ace&Lion project.

Walk&Talk is a peripatetic participatory format encouraging engaging discussion while walking. This format has been practised across disciplines while engaging creatives and others in exchanging discursive sessions for several hours at a time. The format has been used as networking opportunities, brainstorming sessions, learning workshops and more. Its simple instruction—to meet and talk while walking—offers countless possibilities of iteration and verbal experimentation.

Download a free colour A3 double-sided .pdf document with Walk&Talk instruction manual: Walk&Talk-Manual_A3Poster_Green-Blue.




I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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