Visual Literacy

A participatory game-like workshop sessions at Mozilla Festival

2014 & 2015 & 2017

Smiley Pursuit

A visual literacy scavenger hunt for faces in places / 2017

Smiley Pursuit is a visual literacy workshop formatted as a scavenger hunt for faces in places. Designed for kids, this workshop gives you a time limit to find as many faces in places—smileys—you can in the designated location. Teaching kids to see when they are looking is the core of this visual literacy format while it allows them to run around and hunt for the face-like shapes.

Workshop premise:

  1. Learning the ways of seeing through finding faces-in-places and photographing them
  2. Working collaboratively
  3. The group with the most faces-in-places wins

Workshopped at: Mozilla Festival 2017, London, UK / 2017


Seeing Drawing Producing Smileys

A visual literacy workshop designing emoticons/ 2015

Seeing, Drawing, Producing Smileys is a visual literacy workshop meeting photography and graphic design. Specifically designed for Mozilla Festival 2015, but widely practised, it encourages and teaches workshop participants “ways of seeing”, photography, drawing, graphic design and illustration.

Workshop premise:

  1. Learning the ways of seeing through finding faces-in-places and photographing them.
  2. Drawing the chosen face-in-place onto paper.
  3. Digitalising the hand-drawn pencil drawings in vector graphics through digital tools.

Workshopped at: Mozilla Festival 2015, London, UK. 2015



A workshop designing social attribution symbols of values and ethics / 2014 / In collaboration with Taja Topolovec (Si)

Symboloskopy is a workshop session to design symbols of social attributes for responsible business models—to visualise businesses’ values and ethics. The aim of the workshop was to tie these visualisations into a sound visual family of icon marks. These symbols include social attributes such as: open-source, start-up, recent graduates employer, run by volunteers, not for profit, educational, community-led, organic, fair trade, local, paid interns, etc. The workshop session developed into an experimental ongoing project titled OpenValues.

Workshopped at: Mozilla Festival 2014, London, UK. 2014



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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