Every Sticking Nail Counts

A series of infographic statements


The Every Sticking Nail Counts investigates Japanese conformity and stereotypes from the perspective of young creative individuals. Project’s research message and data visualisation are inspired by a traditional Japanese saying: 出る杭は打たれる (“Nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”). Data in Every Sticking Nail Counts is fabricated in its entirety to enhance the mundane and unimaginative behaviours of our generation. The project was part of the research and development at the Tokyo Wonder Site creator-in-residence in Tokyo, Japan and aims to impact people with visualised message to inspire thought and critical position.

Medium: illustrated graphics, data visualisation.
Produced at: Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan. 2012–2013.



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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