Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is…

An exploration of what others don’t consider a journey or practice


In collaboration with Dafne Louzioti (Gr/UK), Scott Schwager (US/UK), Taja Topolovec (Si) and Una (Si/Hr)

Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is… a project exploring alternative modes of practice and journey. Designed as a gallery presentation the project consisted of three parts: (1) an archive of solo and collaborative projects as documentation, (2) a series of 11 engaging and participatory events open to the public, and (3) a limited edition publication (more here).

The archive consisted of eight projects done either solo or in collaboration: Jolly Walk (2011), Walk&Talk (2014), Perimeter (2013–ongoing), Japanoride (2012–2013), Euroride (2014), O’Paraiso (2016), O’Duro (2017), and Assassinating Time (2013–2018). Presentation of the projects included wall drawings, photo and video documentation, edition books and multiples.

The series of 11 engaging and participatory experiments were done with my trusted collaborators: Dafne Louzioti, Scott Schwager and Una. These projects include:

Future Archive / Metod / 11. 4. 2018 / 3h / 
Futurising in a brainstorming session. More photo documentation.
Ljubljana Drift / Metod / 14. 4. 2018 / 8h / 
Riding on all roads, streets and paths from end to end set in the perimeter beforehand. More photo documentation.
Walk&Talk / Scott Schwager & Metod / 17. 4. 2018 / 3h / 
A peripatetic participatory conversation while walking across town. More photo documentation.
Journey in Conversation / Scott Schwager, Dafne Louzioti, Una, Metod / 18. 4. 2018 / 2h / 
In conversation on journey and other related themes. More photo documentation.
Journey to Now / Una / 19. 4. 2018 / 1h / 
Yogic meditation in the gallery. More photo documentation.
From Door to Door of MGML / Metod / 21. 4. 2018 / 5h / 
Visiting a museum and galleries of MGML and critically analysing what is on show. More photo documentation.
Co-Motion / Dafne Louzioti / 24. 4. 2018 / 3h / 
A contact improvisation session in the gallery. More photo documentation.
Walking the Walk / Dafne Louzioti / 25. 4. 2018 / 3h / 
Walking exercises in the gallery. More photo documentation.
A to B 81m/h / Metod, Una & Dafne Louzioti / 27. 4. 2018 / 4h / 
A slow motion of 320m in 4h. More photo documentation.
Dawn till Dusk / Dafne Louzioti & Metod / 29. 4. 2018 / 16h / 
Waiting outside the gallery from dawn till dusk. More photo documentation.
Stumbling Eyeless / Una / 1. 5. 2018 / 2h / 
Exploring space indoors and outside blindfolded. More photo documentation.

The project is also awaiting a limited edition publication due in autumn 2018. This publication is planned to be a journey pack for alternative exploration consisting of visual and textual documentation and edited by Taja Topolovec.

Medium: wall drawings, photo and video documentation, edition books and multiples; action, performance, discussion, brainstorming.
Presented at: Match Gallery, MGML, Slovenia. 4. April – 5. May 2018
Show curated by: Jani Pirnat (Si)
Gallery represented by: Marija Skočir (Si)
With many thanks to: Blaž, Bojan, Dafne, Edvard, Jani, Janja, Julija, Marija B., Marija S., Mateja, Matevž, Scott, Saša, Taja, Tomaž and Una


I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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