Japanoride & Euroride

A diptych of explorative bicycle journeys in the Japanese and European back-countries

2012–2013 & 2014

The Japanoride is a 1200km physical endurance action drawing in space over time. The journey was an engaging exploration into Japanese arts, craft, culture, landscape and history. A 26-day journey including 6 rest days took me across Honshu and Shikoku from Tokyo to Kyoto in 2012 and from Kyoto to Hiroshima in 2013.

The Euroride is a 1273km physical endurance action drawing in space over time while riding a bicycle in the straightest possible line from London, UK to Ljubljana, Slovenia. A 13-day journey including 2 rest days took me across 7 countries crossing 6 international borders and gave further insights into the “slow” travelling affecting one’s perception in observation and reflection on landscape and culture.

Medium: durational endurance cycling action drawing in space over time. Japan. 2012 & 2013; Europe, 2014.
Presented at: Journey Is Practice Is Journey Is…, Match Gallery, MGML, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2018



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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