How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to Global Change

A project exploring one term in three meanings


In collaboration with Barbara Kanc (Si).

How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to Global Change is a participatory multidisciplinary site-specific project exploring the notion of the term “kiwi”. The project celebrates ‘one culture under one term’—a fruit, a bird, a person. The project investigates representations of historical, geographical and socio-cultural significance of New Zealand. The presentation of the project had a triptych of elements: a photograph of a kiwi fruit, an audio installation of a kiwi bird call, and an interactive postcards on which audience participated with their thoughts and drawings on the common theme—the kiwi.

Medium: printed postcards, audio, digital print
Presented at: RM, Auckland, New Zealand, 2010



I work multidisciplinary across experimental art, facilitation, design and photography. I explore strategies and formats of how to engage myself and others in an exchanging dialogue.

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